Hear Blake Shelton’s Brand New Gospel Song, ‘Savior’s Shadow’

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Blake Shelton’s brand new gospel song off of his latest album, If I’m Honest, has just been released to listeners. The gospel song with strong country tones is something a little different than what we’re used to hearing from Shelton.

It’s a shorter-than-normal track, just shy of three minutes long, but it’s melody and lyrics are truly beautiful.

The song came to Shelton in a dream … literally. He tweeted about the song on April 8th, explaining, “I dreamed the song last summer.. I woke up and wrote down everything I could remember.”

Country musicians and songwriters Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall helped Shelton pen the track. Alexander spoke on the songwriting process with Taste of Country, saying, “He started an incredible song, a gospel song, and asked me and JR to help him finish and we actually worked on the strings today.” Alexander continues, “It came deep from Blake’s soul and we were just glad we got to kind of help him birth it,”

The release of the “Savior’s Shadow” audio comes shortly after his controversial music video for his first single, “Came Here to Forget,” hit the internet.

You can buy the gospel track on iTunes now. If I’m Honest will be released in its entirety on May 20, 2016.

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Hear Blake Shelton’s Brand New Gospel Song, ‘Savior’s Shadow’