Lionsgate in Talks with Networks to Revive 'Nashville'


Ever since ABC announced the cancellation of Nashville, fans have been rallying together in hopes to save the show.

The official series finale aired this past Wednesday, May 25, and although it tied up most of its loose ends, it did leave us with a cliffhanger ending no one saw coming. Lionsgate, the production studio behind the show, remains optimistic that cliffhanger will be resolved as it has been actively shopping the series around in hopes that another network will pick it up.

According to Lionsgate, executives four to five different platforms have approached them with interest in bringing Nashville back for additional seasons.

"The fans and everyone else is clamoring for many more seasons," Lionsgate's head of TV, Kevin Beggs said on a recent company earnings call. A petition was even started at change.org to save the show and now has almost 130,000 signatures.

With all of the interest coming in, Lionsgate remains hopeful that Nashville will find a new home and fans will be able to once again watch the story of their favorite show unfold.

"We kind of go one season at a time in our thinking. Our near-term plan is to get another full season," Beggs said.

If Beggs gets his wish, he has stacked the deck pretty high to start off the season with a bang by bringing on Academy Award winning film director Ed Zwick along with Marshall Herskovitz. Both longtime Nashville fans and Lionsgate are keeping their fingers crossed that good news will come soon.

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Lionsgate in Talks with Networks to Revive 'Nashville'