Line Dancing is Helping These Veterans Overcome PTSD


For many veterans, the war is from over even after they return home. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can cause extreme anxiety and depression years after leaving the war zone. A group at the VA Healthcare Center in Fort Knox, Kentucky is doing what they can to help veterans deal with these challenges by bringing a little bit of country into their lives.

The “Dancing Well” program holds two weekly meetings where veterans can bring their boots and scoot the night away. The act of dancing seems to help bring down anxiety levels and helps bring a sense of community and belonging to the vets as they recover. According to the Dancing Well website, 90 percent of the group’s participants said their memory and mood had increased from attending the classes. This can create a huge difference in everyday life for those struggling to cope with their disease.

“The dancing helped their pain, it helped their memory, and it helped their anxiety,” Psychiatrist Edwin O. Walker, who helped to co-found “Dancing Well,” explains. “For some, it provided an outlet for the whole family. It gave them something fun to do together, and they all seemed to blossom.”

The best part about the class is there’s no focus on skill level or competition. It’s all about having a good time and forgetting your troubles while moving to the beat of some great country music. Click below to learn more about this inspiring program.

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Line Dancing is Helping These Veterans Overcome PTSD