How to Light a Fire with a Sandwich Bag of Water and Sunlight

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Sunlight, a sandwich bag and water are all you need to start a fire, according to a unique survival tip that has recently gone viral.

How exactly do you start a fire without matches or a lighter? Basically, the sandwich bag acts like a magnifying glass and harnesses the power of the sun to create an intense heat.

The first step is to fill an empty sandwich bag with water and twist the top until it turns into somewhat of a liquid sphere. Then, use your sandwich bag to channel the sunlight onto your desired material. The video recommends starting with crushed up tree bark. The finer the powder you have, the easier it will be to light.

It's important to have various types of kindling ready to go for when your initial wood shavings begin smoking. The rate at which the the powder begins to smolder is incredible. Watch the entire process in the video below.

Who knew Ziplock bags had so many uses beyond housing PB&Js? As the video mentions, this unique survival hack can work with purified drinking water, natural creek water or even in extreme situations, urine. This trick is great to remember because people often have sandwich bags handy while on outdoor adventures. Furthermore, sandwich bags barely take up any space and are easy to pack.

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How to Light a Fire with a Sandwich Bag of Water and Sunlight