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When Your Opener Goes Missing, Use These Easy Hacks for Opening Beer Bottles

Imagine this scenario for a second, if you will. You've had a long, hard frustrating day and all you want is a beer. You grab an ice cold beer bottle, waiting in anticipation as you prepare for the first sip. Except there's one problem, you don't have a beer bottle opener. You scramble around, but somehow they've all gone missing. The object of your desire is right within your grasp, but there is no way to enjoy it with an impenetrable beer cap. So what do you do?

Don't panic. When you need to open beer bottles, there are a few life hacks that can save you when it comes to make-shifting a bottle opener. Helping out the frustrated beer drinker, Tasting Table has revealed a few clever methods using objects you have lying around.

First, there's the trusty old lighter trick. Grabbing the beer bottle with your non-dominant hand, use your dominant hand to place the butt end of the lighter between the bottle cap and your index finger. Using your index finger as leverage, you can pry open the bottle.

The second trick is pretty ingenious. If you fail to find a lighter, perhaps you're in a house, friend's house, or some sort of structure that has a door. The hardware on the door frame acts as an instant bottle opener that can easily remove a pesky metal cap. How did I never think of this?

Of course, then there is the spoon, key, and beer bottle trick. Like the lighter hack, use one of these objects and pry upward to open the glass bottle. Let's just hope for the sake of opening a cold one when it comes to these methods that you either have a kitchen full of spoons around, you haven't lost your car keys, and there isn't only one beer left. Because that would be a sad, sad day.

You could also invest in a belt buckle with a bottle opener, use a wine bottle opener, or have a handful of bottle openers stashed in random places - the latter being the most practical. You'd probably forget where you put them though, so knowing these new ways of opening bottles will come in handy. If anything, it will be a fun bar trick to show your friends.

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