Lyndsay Cordell

Leopold's Ice Cream Parlor is a Must-Visit When in Savannah

In a place like Savannah, Georgia where the humidity index can average 70%, it's important to know the best spots to cool off. Leopolds Ice Cream, which has been serving Savannahians for over 100 years. Opened at the northeastern corner of East Gwinnett Street and Habersham Street in a former fruit stand, the ice cream shop was the creation of Peter Leopold, who had just returned from serving in WWI and his older brother George.

The two brothers started selling chocolates, food, and ice cream. Using the French pot process to create their homemade ice cream, the brother's store was quickly a favorite for Savannah socialites. It was only a few years prior that good ice cream was only enjoyed by the upper class and presidents.

What is Leopold's Most Popular Flavor?

Lyndsay Cordell

The ice cream parlor was popular for its chocolate and vanilla flavors, but what really gained attention was Leopold's famous Tutti Frutti flavor which featured rum ice cream swirled with candied fruit and fresh Georgia roasted pecans. It was practically sold out when I visited!

The biggest fan of this ice cream was none other than Johnny Mercer who worked at the soda fountain at the age of ten, where he swept the floors for a quarter a week. Mercer shared that he always wanted to write a song about the ice cream, but Little Richard beat him to it.

How to Visit Leopolds Ice Cream

Lyndsay Cordell

Today Leopolds Ice Cream is located on E Broughton street and is owned by Stratton Leopold, son of Peter Leopold. The old-fashioned soda fountain usually has a line out the door, so be prepared to wait for your frosty treat. The retro decor is complete with soda jerks dressed in traditional attire. It feels like you step back in time the minute you cross the threshold.

Along with tutti frutti, Leoplds also serves old-fashioned favorites such as rum bisque, lemon custard, butter pecan, and honey almond & cream. The cafe also offers vegan options as well. When I visited I opted for their peanut butter flavor and was not disappointed. I do wish I had ordered two scoops instead of one!

Along with sundaes, sorbets, milkshakes, and double scoops, the retro soda fountain also serves yummy soups which change daily.