Video Premiere: Lena Stone Flips the Script on Fairytales on Acoustic 'Princess'

Logen Christopher

Anyone who grew up listening to bedtime fairytale stories or watching seemingly endless hours of Disney movies will appreciate Lena Stone's witty song "Princess." The Massachusetts native says "RIP to chivalry," questions the logistics of losing a glass slipper and makes it clear that she doesn't need anyone to ride up on a white horse to save her.

"Sleeping Beauty just needed a nap/ Snow White just needed a tan," Stone sings. "Cinderall just needed a suitcase/ Trade that pumpkin for a VW van."

Stone, a longtime participant in Nashville's popular Song Suffragettes showcase, will release an acoustic version of her Princess EP on August 7. Stone says, since she's unable to tour at the moment, she wanted to recreate the live experience on a new release.

"When I was recording the 'Princess' EP, I never imagined I'd be releasing it during a pandemic, and in a time when I wouldn't be able to play live shows and bring these songs right to my fans," Stone tells Wide Open Country. "I felt like doing an acoustic version of the EP was the perfect way for me to recreate that live audio experience for all the people who loved the original studio versions!"

Watch Lena Stone's acoustic performance of "Princess" below.

For more information on Lena Stone, visit her official website.

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Video Premiere: Lena Stone Flips the Script on Fairytales on Acoustic 'Princess'