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Tired of Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches? Make This Turkey Pho

It's day three of Thanksgiving leftovers and you're tired of turkey and cranberry sandwiches. And you've experimented all to high heaven with your waffle iron to the point that anything in waffle form is starting to sound boring. We've all been there. Thanksgiving tasted stellar the first day, great the second day, and now on day three you're ready for something new. That's when you need to think outside the box and whip up something so savory, umami good that Thanksgiving leftovers take on a whole new meaning. It's time for leftover turkey pho.

With the help of cookbook author Andrea Nguyen, ChefSteps gives us a mouthwatering leftover Thanksgiving turkey inspired pho that breathes life back into your Thanksgiving leftovers. Of course, the real trick in creating an umami Vietnamese pho that's to die for, is all in the broth, just like with chicken pho.

You'll start off by essentially making turkey stock or turkey soup, using the turkey bones and turkey meat you have leftover.

Utilize your turkey leftovers and seasonal veggies, toss apples, celery, carrots, napa cabbage, cilantro, and that cooked turkey carcass (rinse it to improve broth clarity) by adding it to a large pot.

You'll want to add toasted spices into this Vietnamese noodle soup like star anise, whole cloves, coriander seeds, and cinnamon sticks, along with crushed fresh ginger and onion for a pungent punch. Next, simmer on medium heat for a little over an hour and strain out the solids with a cheesecloth - oh, and don't forget that fish sauce!

Once your Asian homemade broth is ready, prep your rice noodles. These should only take a few minutes.

Now, it's time to build the perfect bowl of leftover Thanksgiving turkey pho. Placing your noodles and leftover turkey into a large bowl, you can now dress up the bowl using fresh ingredients like red onion, cilantro, bean sprouts, green onions, a squeeze from lime wedges, some Sriracha, hoisin sauce, or hot sauce, or anything else you fancy in your favorite pho recipes, and then add in the broth.

Savory, umami, and hitting the spot, this is a Thanksgiving leftover that is sure to become a new holiday tradition. Mmmmm, Thanksgiving pho anyone?

This post was originally published on November 21, 2017.