'Drunk' Fan Surprises Girlfriend with Onstage Proposal at Lee Brice Concert

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OnstageFans at a recent Lee Brice show were shocked when a seemingly drunk concertgoer made his way onstage. But it actually turned out to be an elaborate staging for a very special moment.

Brice was playing a show in Hamption, N.H. when the whole thing went down. He started by asking to bring his brother Lewis Brice to the stage. Lewis just let out new music not too long ago, and his brother Lee wanted to sing a song they wrote together called "Alabama."

In the middle of introducing Lewis, though, Lee got a surprise. "Come on up here, Lewis!" Lee excitedly says to the crowd before proclaiming, "You're not Lewis."

That's because the brothers' friend Kevin came up instead. And Kevin happened to look just a bit imbibed. (But again, just hang in there).

Lee seems to politely ask Kevin to leave, but he aloofly stays on stage. At the side of the stage, his girlfriend Laura eagerly tries to convince him to come back. Lewis comes out anyways and the pair launch into the song.

All the while, Kevin coyly stays up on stage, even walking over to the keys player Reggie to give him a hand shake. Lee and Lewis make it through a verse and chorus before Lee stops and finally asks what's going on with Kevin. Watch his response.

Good thing they all came prepared and had cameras rolling. And it's hard not to smile when you see all the band and everybody smiling big, too.

Plus, who doesn't love seeing folks get engaged in cool ways? And in Kevin's case, it sure helps that he's friends with a country star (and another budding one himself).

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Lee Brice is preparing to release his fourth studio album on Nov. 3. The self-titled release features the single "Boy," which he let out not long ago. Lewis Brice is on tour supporting his recent EP, which features that "Alabama" song Kevin so rudely interrupted.

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'Drunk' Fan Surprises Girlfriend with Onstage Proposal at Lee Brice Concert