Lee Brice Gives Military Widow Her Fallen Husband’s Long Lost Truck

A military widow received quite the surprise at Saturday’s ACM “Party for a Cause” in Las Vegas when Lee Brice returned her husband’s truck that he traded in 10 years ago before he deployed to Iraq.

Troy Gilbert, an F-16 pilot, was killed in action on Nov. 27, 2006. Prior to his deployment, Troy traded in his beloved old truck for a new one, as his family needed a more reliable vehicle. However, they sold that truck, too, once Troy deployed to save money.

“Years later when Lee’s song came out, it wasn’t the new truck I wished we still had,” said Troy’s wife, Ginger Gurley Gilbert Ravella. “It was the old one. The one that belonged to Troy’s dad first, the one Troy drove for years, the one I knew our sons, Boston and Greyson, would get a kick out of.”

When Brice heard about Ginger’s desire to retrieve Troy’s old truck, he and his management team along with several friends of Ginger’s set out on a mission to find the 1992 Chevy Silverado 1500. When he did, Brice purchased it and had it shipped to Las Vegas to present to Ginger and her family at the “Party for a Cause” event.

Before Brice called Ginger and her family to the stage, he performed the song “I Drive Your Truck” and presented a $40,0000 donation to a non-profit called Folds of Honor, an organization that provides educational support to spouses and children of American fallen and wounded soldiers. He then presented Ginger with the keys to Troy’s old truck.

“I’m so happy that we were able to locate this truck because it meant so much to Ginger and her family,” Brice said. “Troy paid the ultimate price in service to our country and I’m grateful we got to show our appreciation in a small way, comparatively, this weekend.”

The memorable moment where Ginger and her family are reunited with Troy’s pick up was captured on video and can be seen below.

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Lee Brice Gives Military Widow Her Fallen Husband’s Long Lost Truck