See Lee Brice Perform ‘More Than a Memory’ with Garth Brooks

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Lee Brice and Garth Brooks gave their sold-out concert goers quite the show on July 30. After spending some time singing separate sets, the two paired up for “More Than a Memory.”

Surprisingly, there is more of a connection between the hit single and Lee Brice than you would think. As Brooks revealed during the concert, it was Brice who wrote the song. In fact, it went on to become Brice’s first No. 1 hit as a songwriter.

Brooks told the crowd that when he heard the song for the first time he realized he’d never be able to sing as well as Brice. “I’m gonna have my stab at it and then I’m gonna let the master take over,” he explained.

Naturally, we’ve heard plenty of great things from Lee Brice over the years. He is currently working on releasing his fourth studio album. He has also had several No. 1 hits from previous albums.

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However, as successful as Brice is, he revealed that spending time on stage with Brooks was one of his favorite nights on the stage. I’m sure he will carry this wonderful memory with him far into the future.

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See Lee Brice Perform ‘More Than a Memory’ with Garth Brooks