Lee Brice Gender Reveal
Ryan Smith

Lee Brice Reveals the Gender of Baby No. 3 with Sweet Video

It's a girl for Lee Brice and his family! The sweet family of four shared their gender reveal clip with fans on Tuesday (Jan. 24).

Brice and his wife, Sara, rounded up their two boys for an intimate gender reveal celebration that they caught on camera. Ryker and Takoda were given chocolate cupcakes to reveal if the baby was a boy or girl. The filling would either be blue or pink.

"Take a big bite so we'll see the inside of it," Brice explained to the boys before telling them about each color.

Sara removed the cupcake wrapper for their youngest son as Brice warned her, "Careful now!" He did not want any early hints about baby No. 3. Brice reminded them to take an extra large bite before they began the countdown that led to lots of excitement.

"Pink!" Takoda yelled first as his younger brother licked his cupcake's icing. Sara instantly started to scream while Brice took a moment to collect himself, they were overcome with emotion. This sweet family will welcome Baby Girl Brice this summer.

If this video wasn't already sweet enough, "I Don't Dance" is the background track. It's the romantic song that Brice wrote for his wife.

People broke the news that the Brice family was expecting baby No. 3 in early January. "Our whole family is thrilled to welcome our third child," he told the magazine. "Takoda and Ryker are so excited and Sara is more beautiful than ever. We can't wait for our new little one to get here this summer."

Congratulations to the Brice family!

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