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Learn the Secrets of Authentic Cowboy Cooking

Screengrab via YouTube/CBS Sunday Morning

In the small town of Seymour, Texas, Kent and Shannon Rollins are cooks who serve local cowboys with their meals-on-wheels, prepared in an 1876 Studebaker chuckwagon. They call it Cowboy Cooking.

Kent says the wagon averages about 40,000 miles a year. That's a lot of meals! The couple also use "Bertha", Kent's 30-year-old wood stove for cooking and heat, and focus on prepping food that's quick to make and easy to store. As you can imagine, space is tight in the wagon.

The couple got married four years ago, and while he taught her to cook, she taught him to expand his palate--sushi and avocado! The Rollins' learned to make due with the supplies they had. For example, "sparkling taters" were created when they had no oil to cook potatoes but used Sprite they had handy to bake them in. Now that's some creative cooking.

In this CBS Sunday Morning feature video, the Rollins feed cowboys on a cattle ranch near Seymour at 4 AM by setting up shop and cooking eggs, sausage, biscuits, and gravy for the men. And the winning moment of the video? When Kent is asked if there are any vegetarian cowboys ... and he just laughs. We feel you, Kent. We feel you.

Want more of Rollins' cowboy cooking? The couple teaches the fundamentals of dutch oven cooking in classes each spring in Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. If you're in the area and want to experience their cooking yourself, they offer a catering service. And if you just want some of the recipes to make in your own backyard, you can grab a copy of Kent's book, A Taste of Cowboy Cooking.

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Learn the Secrets of Authentic Cowboy Cooking