LeAnn Rimes Sets off Fire Alarm Mid-Flight

LeAnn makes headlines with an alarming (pun intended) new scandal.

LeeAnn Rimes, who's newest album is ironically called Spitfire, was the center of some fire drama herself on May 1. On a flight to Los Angeles, Rimes accidentally set off the fire alarm mid-flight while she was in the airplane bathroom using Drybar dry shampoo, which is an aerosol product.

"Leave it up to me to set off the fire alarm in the airplane bathroom w/ @theDrybar dry shampoo," she stated in a tweet. She even joked with the hashtags "#purecomedy #firsttimeforeverything."

TMZ was of course waiting for the country cutie when she arrived at the airport. When the gossip site asked her what happened when the alarm sounded she said, "Nothing" in comedic spirits. "Thank god. I put my head out and said, 'It's nothing.' It was pretty funny, actually."

Who knew glamming could cause such a scare! We're happy to hear that the plane landed safely, and it's a story everyone can laugh at.

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LeAnn Rimes Sets off Fire Alarm Mid-Flight