LeAnn Rimes Slated to Star in Upcoming Hallmark Christmas Movie

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It may only be April, but it's not too early to look forward to the ooey gooey goodness of Hallmark Christmas movies. Hallmark says that this year their Countdown to Christmas will feature a whopping 34 new movies for people to kick back, relax and watch knowing that there will be a perfectly happy ending awaiting them.

Country music fans will definitely want to check out the cutely titled It's Christmas, Eve, which will star LeAnn Rimes. Rimes takes on the role of a school superintendent dealing with the death of her father, a jazz musician. With a heavy heart, she's been unable to enjoy music after her father's passing, but her own musical talents start to shine after she must reluctantly take on helping the music department in her hometown high school. And of course, there's a love interest - a musical director played by Tyler Hynes.

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In addition to acting, Rimes wrote three songs for the film, two of which she'll perform on the show. The tracks, "It's Christmas Eve" and "You and Me and Christmas," are sure to be Christmastime hits that will get viewers into the holiday spirit.

Mark your calendars, the Countdown to Christmas begins on October 27 (that's right, even before Halloween)!

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LeAnn Rimes Slated to Star in Upcoming Hallmark Christmas Movie