10 Unbelievable Potato Chip Flavors From Lay's

Lay's has come out with a lot of wild chip flavors since Herman Lay began selling chips out of the trunk of his car in 1938. After merging with the Frito to form the Frito-Lay Company in 1961, Lay's became a household name with their Lay's classic potato chips. Then their barbecue-flavored potato chips were introduced, and then their sour cream & onion flavor. Later, new flavors like salt & vinegar were introduced.

10 Crazy Lay's Potato Chips Flavors That Took Snacking To The Next Level

You're probably aware of Lay's more basic potato chip flavors — and the wavy and kettle-cooked versions of those flavors! — but do you know about some of the strangest Lay's potato chip flavors out there? We'll tell you. Step aside, Cheetos, Doritos, and Pringles! We're going to look at the wildest Lay's chip flavors to have ever existed. There are almost as many flavors of Lay's chips as there are Oreos... but don't get any ideas. (Psst: most of these limited time chip flavors are still available on Amazon!)

Southern Biscuits and Gravy


Lay's likes to come out with some pretty great southern-inspired flavors (think about their Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue chips) but biscuits and gravy? Now that's a weird one! However, this flavor actually ended up being one of their best-selling ones. The creamy "gravy" flavor had just enough sea salt and black pepper, and there's a reason this one was a winner of Lay's yearly Do Us a Flavor contest.

Chile Limon


One of the new Lay's flavors to be a permanent addition, the Chile Limon chip is exactly what it says with elements of chile pepper and lime seasoning for the perfect zing. If you like Thai food or Mexican food, you'll love these. Run out to the grocery store and get some today!

Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese


Well, everything seasoning (which consists of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion salt, and garlic salt) is a trending topic in the foodie world, so Lay's applied that to some of their potato chips, too. Supposedly less onion-y than their kettle-cooked cream cheese and chive chips, the element of cream cheese is the predominant flavor in these. Would you try them?

Crispy Taco


These Crispy Taco chips supposedly nailed it when it comes to exacting the flavor of tacos, and definitely managed to put the "crisp" in crispy. The spices are cheesy and smoky and light at once. I wonder if you could turn these chips into nachos...? Nah, better just to stick to Tostito's and enjoy these chips on their own.

Fried Green Tomato



Another southern-inspired flavor, these came in the Wavy variation right off the bat to evoke that crunchy sensation you get from biting into a fried, breaded, juicy green tomato. Tasting of buttermilk, with a touch of heat and a bit of acid and enough sweetness to remind you what you're eating, this was an incredible flavor. It's reminiscent of Lay's Sour Cream and Onion chips, but way better.



While a lot of these are recent, or from the Do Us a Flavor Lay's contests — the humble Ketchup potato chip has been around since 1970. In Canada, that is. Because that's where these chips are a quintessential Canadian snack, even being the NATIONAL snack of the country. Now, while you can get most of these other flavors in the USA, finding the Ketchup flavor of Lay's chip flavors might prove to be a bit more difficult. They're only sold in Canada, but you can buy them on Amazon, get a Canadian friend to mail you some, or OCCASIONALLY find them in international grocery stores. If you like fries with lots of ketchup, you'll probably like these chips.

Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle


The plain dill pickle-flavored potato chips that Lay's was selling weren't controversial enough, so they adding some of their Flamin' Hot spice mix to it. It's got a spicy profile along with the flavor of dill pickles, which some people might love. It would hit the spot for a wild late-night craving! However, if you want a pickle-free spicy potato chip, go for Lay's Fiery Habanero flavor instead.

New York Reuben


The New York Reuben flavor — from the Do Us a Flavor contest — was supposedly one of the flavors that was most true to its namesake. It had elements of sauerkraut, rye bread, corned beef, and Thousand Island dressing. It didn't take off, unfortunately, so it has now been discontinued.

Game Day Chili



Lay's really went for it with this flavor: Game Day Chili. This is obviously the ultimate tailgating or football watching snack, right? It tastes a lot like chili, with elements of BBQ, chipotle powder, and fresh jalapeno. These would probably taste really good crumbled on top of chili, but is that too much?

Chicken & Waffles


The final flavor inspired by the American South, people were strongly divided over the Chicken & Waffles potato chips. Reviewers say it doesn't exactly taste like chicken or waffles, but more like a paprika, subtly spicy flavor with maple syrup flavor on top. The flavor was controversial, but Lay's continues to make it intermittently depending on demand.

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