Lauren Duski
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Watch Lauren Duski Nail Bryan White's 'Someone Else's Star' on 'The Voice'

Lauren Duski dug into her bag of 1990s hits on this week's episode of The Voice, nailing Bryan White's 1995 hit "Someone Else's Star."

Duski's classy, reserved performance shows great control with just the right amount of flair. Without getting too dramatic or over-belting, she hits all the right notes.

The moment also represents the rare occasion when a female singer covers a song made famous by a male. Of course, as with a lot of good music, the song is pretty universal. So it doesn't really matter. Lauren Duski is one of Team Blake's most promising members.

Bryan White's 90s hit became his first No. 1 single at country radio. As the third single from his debut album, "Someone Else's Star" became one of White's signature songs.

Lauren Duski turned three of the coaches' chairs during her blind audition. She performed Jewel's "You Were Meant For Me," which isn't originally a country song. But Duski isn't necessarily a country singer either, making her performance that much more impressive.

The audience agreed too, saving Duski this week and ensuring she makes it on to the next episode. Three other Team Blake members weren't so lucky. Casi Joy, Felicia Temple and Aaliyah Rose are all headed home. Shelton personally picked TSoul. Aliyah Moulden also impressed the audience enough to stay on.

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Three other singers stayed safe on Monday's show, while three others went home. After all the coaches' contestants go through the first live rounds, twelve remain. Then they have four more weeks of this business. Seriously, it's a lot.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 7 p.m. CT on NBC.

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