Last Time For Everything
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Brad Paisleys Channels 'Knight Rider' and 'Stranger Things' in New Music Video

Brad Paisley released his nostalgic new tune "Last Time For Everything" a few days ago, and now the country star has a cool new video to go with it. And the video captures some major Stranger Things and Knight Rider vibes.

The clip uses old footage and new effects to make it look like it's straight out of the 1980s, from the Pontaic Trans Am Paisley to the raised handle bar bicycles and puffy vests. He even interrupts the song with an old, cheeky commercial for the Sony Walkman.

And of course there's footage to capture that nostalgic high school vibe, too. Prom dances, football games. It's all there. Oh, and a pretty adorable cameo from Paisley's wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley. And yes, that's absolutely David Hasselhoff singing along with Paisley (told you there were serious Knight Rider vibes).

Heck, even the song itself has some throwback vibes. That opening guitar riff feels ripped right out of the classic rock era of bands like the Eagles and The Police.

Besides the priceless footage from Paisley's younger days, the video is just fun and cool. Which is nice to see, since so many music videos nowadays just feature the artist singing in front of something.

And to be real, "Last Time For Everything" is a pretty heavy song. Lines about Little Jimmy Dickens, Glenn Frey and Prince hit you in the feels. The video does a great job of relieving some of that nostalgia and giving you a chuckle or two.

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"Last Time For Everything" is Paisley's latest single after  "Today" hit the Top 10 on country radio. It should do quite well on radio too, with plenty of hooks and memorable lyrics.

Paisley drops new album Love And War on April 21.

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