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11 Last-Minute Gifts To Give To The Foodies on Your Holiday List

Afoodie's gut is always their guide. So, when shopping for the culinary-obsessed person in your life, you've got to think like them. There is a gift for everyone, from the wine lover to the gourmet guru, and even the show-loving foodie in your crew.

Wine Lovers



1.Coravin Wine Preservation Opener, $199

A true game-changer for wine lovers, this nifty little tool allows you to pour one glass at a time without ever opening a bottle.  Just push the needle of the Coravin through the cork of a closed bottle of wine, then tilt and pour. Pull the needle out and the cork will seal itself up, preserving the bottle until you're ready for your next glass.

Pizza Lovers

uuni pizza oven

Uuni Pro

2. Uuni Pro Pizza Oven, $599

Pizza fans will love you for gifting them the ability to serve up bubbling-hot wood-fired pizzas right in their backyard with. The amazing Uuni 3 outdoor oven is super easy to use - just add wood pellets, fire it up and you've got restaurant-quality pizza in just 60 seconds. The Uuni oven also travels easily to the beach, picnics, tailgates, and campsites and offers accessories like a gas adaptor, cast iron pans, stainless steel pizza peels and more.

Gourmet Gift Boxes

salt sampler

3. Sourced Salt Sampler from Around the World, $30

This holiday season gives the gift of 8 salts sourced from around the world. The Jacobsen Sourced Salt Set allows you to experience salts from around the globe like Black Lava Salt, or Flower of Bali Salt allowing you to enhance your dishes with vibrant flavors.

4. Euro Entertainer Box,  $125

Can't make it to the Mediterranean for the holidays? You can still eat as though you're there with the Euro Entertainer Box - an all-around tasting tour paired with the perfect Pacific Northwest accouterments.

5. Domaine Paul Buisse Crémant de Loire, $14.99

The Loire Valley—famed for its majestic Chateaux, stunning vistas, and highly-prized wines—served as the vacation getaway for the French monarchy for much of history. So much so in fact, that it is commonly referred to as the "Valley of Kings". Serve guests a wine fit for royalty, without having to raid the coffers, by offering the award-winning Domaine Paul Buisse Crémant de Loire. Made in the traditional method, it's perfect served with cheese and charcuterie at the start of the meal, but the low price point make it ideal to pour all night (and all season) long!

Tea Lovers

Warming Joy Tea Forte

Warming Joy Tea Forte

6. Tea Forte Warming Joy Tea Chest. $60

Tea Forte is all about the perfect cup of tea. The company sources all natural ingredients from around the world to stuff into their organic tea pyramids. The pyramid design allows for tea to steep evenly into a cup without the need for squeezing (like you would with a tea bag).

This year's tea chest features flavors like caramel nougat (with real pieces of caramel candy that melt into the tea), rum raisin biscotti made with sun-dried raisins, rum and real pieces of biscotti cookies and blueberry merlot, an award-winning herbal blend with sweet berries and savory sage.

Music Lovers

Cork Speaker

7. The Dreaming Tree Cork Speaker, $35

The perfect portable gift for music and wine lovers alike, Dave Matthews is behind The Dreaming Tree Wines Cork Speaker. The speaker is sold alongside a bottle of fan-favorite, award-winning Dreaming Tree Crush Red Blend, created by Dave Matthews at his winery and, aptly named after the DMB hit for an affordable $35.00. The cork speaker sounds great placed on a table but turns things up to a whole new level when it's placed on a bottle of wine. The speaker uses the bottle's acoustics to project sound into the room allowing for your bottle to do double duty on the table.

Heavens Door

Heaven's Door

8. Heaven's Door 10 Year Straight Bourbon by Bob Dylan, $129

A collection of super-premium American whiskeys created in partnership with the one and only Bob Dylan, Heaven's Door offers a Straight Rye Whiskey, a seven-year-old Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey and a Double Barrel Whiskey great for drinking neat or in classics like and Old FAshioned. The company also recently released the 10 Year Old Tennessee Straight Bourbon aged using charcoal columns from aged Tennessee sugar maple trees. The box comes in a gift case featuring Dylan's personal lyric sheets.

Shoe Lovers

Remy Sneaker

9. Remy Martin 1738 Sneaker Box, $77

If you are looking for a luxury-focused gift, the "Just Remy" 1738 Sneaker box is the gift that delivers. A collaboration from Remy Martin cognac and world-renowned streetwear designer and cultural icon Don C, this sleek new sneaker box design brings sports, spirits, and style together in one gift. The leather sneaker box is patterned intricately with the Just Don brand's iconic snakeskin detailing. Inside there is a bottle of premium Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal with branded Just Remy sneaker laces. Once the booze is gone, use the box to store shoes after!

Rose Lovers

Sparkling Rose

10. Sparkling Rose Kit $70

Finding the perfect bottle of rose for the rose all day fan in your life can be a challenging task. Instead, help them create it. The Sparkling Rose Kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop - where all things drink become DIY - lets you become the winemaker. It includes all you need from juice to yeast to fermentation jugs and corks. The kit is reusable too so it's the gift that can keep on giving.

Dog Lovers

Pinot for Paws

Pinot for Paws

11. Pinot for Paws Woof Gift Box, $59

For the pet parent in your life, this dog focused wine gift includes all the goodies they and their fur baby need to enjoy the holidays. Pinot for Paws: Woof! Includes a bottle of ONEHOPE Vintner Collection Pinot Noir, a doggy bag holder, a tennis ball, a #WINENOT canvas bone and giraffe toy perfect for chewing. Also perfect? A portion of the proceeds of every gift box sold goes to helping fund pet adoptions for shelter dogs.

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