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Las Vegas Taco Joint Trolls Taco Robbers

In the world we live in, robberies can be a little too commonplace. Suffice it to say, it's not very often that victims of these betrayals are able to capitalize on their bad luck and turn them into viral advertising campaigns. However, that's just what one popular Las Vegas taco joint did.

Just last month three young men broke into Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos and made off with two registers. The surveillance video showed the faces of the robbers, as well as a pretty good shot of their vehicle. Rather than confining the security tapes, Frijoles & Frescas decided to turn lemons into lemonade and released the footage with their own added humorous captions, suggesting the hungry thieves were just out for a midnight taco run.

As much damage as the burglars did to the property, they didn't make off with much loot, because according to the Frijoles & Frescas Facebook page  -- the stolen cash drawers were empty as the Devil's heart.

The robbers must have conveniently forgotten that Modern America is entirely covered in closed-circuit cameras, making it likely you'll get caught if you go looking for tacos in all the wrong places.

As hilarious as the viral video is, it is an actual surveillance video of a real crime, so if you recognize the men or the vehicle in the video please contact the Las Vegas Crime Stoppers line at  702-385-5555.

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Las Vegas Taco Joint Trolls Taco Robbers