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8 of The Biggest Ranches in Wyoming


If there's one thing we can say about Yellowstone (outside of it being a totally addicting show), it's that it's definitely piqued everyone's curiosity about the modern rancher. Fans have gotten a glimpse of what it's like to run and operate a working cattle ranch, getting a friendly reminder that this cowboy way of life is alive and well in many parts of the country. Of course it is, where did you think our beef came from?

While there are many massive properties throughout the state of Texas as well as Montana where Yellowstone is actually set, Wyoming is another state full of operational ranches. While a fair amount of celebrities have purchased large properties there over the years ranging from Kanye West to Harrison Ford, the state is home to many families who have been running a cattle business for nearly a century. From historic legacy ranches to some of the most notable Wyoming real estate listings, here are 8 of the biggest and most notable ranches in the state of Wyoming.

Snake River Ranch

Built back in 1929, The Snake River Ranch is the largest deeded ranch in Jackson Hole. The ranch was originally founded by advertising executive Stanley B. Resor and his wife to be used as a vacation home, though it was always an operational ranch. By the 30s, they added a shop to the property, and these days, it's run by Resor's grandchildren. Snake River prides itself on raising natural beef along the banks of the Snake River and in 2004, was even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Q Creek Ranch


Coming in at a whopping 560,000 acres, Q Creek Ranch is the largest ranch in the Rocky Mountains. Located near Medicine Bow, the property is owned by billionaire Stan Kroenke, who also owns significant property in Arizona, Montana, Texas, and Canada, making him one of the richest landowners in the entire country. The land was originally founded by a man named John J. Sullivan in 1884, though these days the land is also comprised of the original Sullivan Homestead along with the Shamrock Ranch, Qualey Ranch, Schmale Ranch, Palm Ranch, Dana Meadows Ranch, Meer Ranch, Jerrard Ranch, McKee Ranch, Difficulty Creek Ranch, and the Leo Sheep Company.

Initially operating as strictly a horse ranch, Q Creek has expanded over the years to include cattle as well as sheep with their full-time cowboys residing in the bunkhouse beneath Shirley Mountain. In addition to their typical ranch operations, Q Creek Ranch also welcomes guests onto their property to hunt wild game, fish for wild trout, and get a glimpse of the great outdoors and general cowboy lifestyle.

Cottonwood Canyon Ranch

This 60,000-acre cattle ranch is located just outside of Big Horn County. Pfister Land Company had the massive property on the market for nearly $4 million dollars but it looks like someone swept in to take it off their hands. The property is a combination of irrigation property and cattle ranch and based on this footage, it's absolutely stunning.


LoneTree Ranch

Over 69,000 acres comprise this legacy ranch, one of the largest deeded properties in the entire state. There is trophy elk, mule deer, and antelope hunting onsite as well as maintaining roughly 2,000 cattle on a yearly basis.

Durham Ranch

Located outside of Wright, this 55,000-acre bison ranch started back in 1965 with bison sourced from Yellowstone National Park. Third-generation rancher Armando "John" Flocchini III is the current owner who manages around 3,000 during peak season. Between June and September, you can actually tour the property, and once a year, the ranch even hosts a bison hunt.

Marton Ranch

Located in Alcova, this beautiful piece of Wyoming real estate was also on the market a few years back. It's a working livestock ranch and since part of the property has a high elevation in the mountains, is home to pronghorn antelopes, mule deer, elk, upland game birds, and more along The North Platte River.


Continental Divide Ranch

Listed back in 2016 for nearly $10 million, this ranch boasts over 96,000 acres. Located outside of Rawlins along the North Platte River, there is ample hunting and fishing on the property as well as a strong cattle operation.

Geis Cattle & Sheep Ranch

Fourth-generation ranchers (and brothers) Gerry and Kevin Geis maintain this cattle ranch that was founded in the early 1900s. They maintain over 300 cattle, a sheep herd, horses, chickens, pigs, and more. Like many Wyoming ranches, they welcome tours of their facilities in the spring in summer months and particularly enjoy hosting local kindergarten classes to spend time around the animals. This may not be one of the biggest operations on this list but it's one of the most historic since it has stayed in the family all these years.

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