Larger Than Life Rabbit Up for Adoption

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That tan, fluffy creature in the picture above is a real rabbit, and a giant one at that.

Atlas is a continental rabbit who was recently put up for adoption by the Scottish SPCA.

He is only seven-months old and still has some growing to do so his new home will need plenty of space for him to play in.

According to the official post, "he is a very friendly rabbit who loves attention and getting cuddles."

In addition to love and attention, anyone interested in adopting Atlas will also need to be prepared to supply plenty of carrots. Annette Edwards, current owner of the largest continental rabbit in the world says her 50-pound rabbit Darius eats around 2,000 carrots annually. That's in addition to over 700 apples and a daily dog sized bowl of rabbit food.

This is one of the reasons the Scottish SPCA is looking to place Atlas in a knowledgeable home where they know he'll be well taken care of.

There is one other stipulation that comes with adopting Atlas, you'll need to live in Scotland. The Scottish SPCA says that a long journey could cause an extensive amount of stress on the rabbit which they'd like to avoid by transporting him close to home.

So, for those who have fallen in love with Atlas and are up for relocating to Scotland, be sure to fill out the adoption questionnaire and cross your fingers. If Scotland isn't really your thing, be sure to send some good vibes Atlas's way that he finds the perfect home soon.

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Larger Than Life Rabbit Up for Adoption