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Lainey Wilson Tells Kelly Clarkson Sweet Story About Signing a Young Fan's Forehead


Lainey Wilson's unique style is not only bringing something new to country music, but the award-winning singer-songwriter and Yellowstone star is inspiring a new generation while she's at it. At a February show in New York City, Wilson met a girl who she had previously interacted with on TikTok, and it led to Wilson getting her forehead signed.

The young fan, named Maddie, shared a TikTok in early January about girls at her school making fun of her because she dresses like Wilson -- bell bottoms and all.

"When I walked into my class and a group of girls pulled up my Instagram and started laughing at it and making fun of the way I dress because I like to dress like Lainey Wilson and not in Lululemon," Maddie wrote in the video, set to Taylor Swift's "Speak Now."

Wilson, who has proudly named her brand of music (and her latest album) Bell Bottom Country, responded to Maddie a few days later in her own video, encouraging her to keep being herself.


"Really? Girl you were made to stand out, not fit in," Wilson said, adamantly. "You keep doing your thing."

The sweet interaction on TikTok wouldn't be the last between the young fan and the country star. At the Feb. 3 show on her Country With a Flare Tour at Irving Plaza in New York, Wilson spotted Maddie in the crowd with a sign asking the singer to sign her forehead. Wilson then invited Maddie to take the stage, making for a special moment between the two.

"And I'm like, 'Absolutely. You better get up here. I'm gonna sign your forehead,'" Wilson told Kelly Clarkson during a March appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. "But when she gets closer, I realized that a week prior, this little girl had put up a TikTok about people making fun of the way she dressed. She dressed like me at school."


Wilson's encouragement to the fan clearly worked, as Maddie was decked out in an almost-identical outfit to Wilson's with bell bottom pants, a fringe vest and a wide-brimmed hat. Wilson then told the story to the crowd.

"This is Maddie, and she put up a TikTok saying people were making fun of her because she was dressing like me at school," Wilson explained. "And I'll tell you what, I think you look pretty dang cool. What y'all think about it? Come on, now. She looks like straight up bell bottom country!"

With a little hesitation, saying "I can't believe I'm about to sign your pretty face," Wilson signed Maddie's forehead like she'd asked. Then in a surprising moment, Wilson asked Maddie to sign her forehead. The fan obliged, leading to a moment the crowd absolutely loved.


Wilson's Country With a Flare Tour kicked off Jan. 4 in Spokane, Wash., and it will run through the end of March, wrapping up on March 31 in Columbus, Ohio.

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