See Lady Antebellum Join Cam for 'Burning House' at CMA Fest

Lorie Liebig

The opening night of CMA Fest at Nashville's Nissan Stadium was a night full of surprises. One of the biggest shocks of the night came during the unannounced performance from rising star Cam and the newly-reunited Lady Antebellum.

Just before headliner Jason Aldean was set to take the stage, the foursome took the stage to sing a beautifully harmonized version of Cam's massive hit, "Burning House." Before they began, the singer let out a fit of nervous giggles before exclaiming, "Lady Antebellum is on stage with me, I can't believe it!"

Although performing to 70,000 is a job that makes even the biggest country stars shake in their boots, Cam pulled off her performance with utter perfection. The added layers of vocals from Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood brought the song to a whole new level of greatness, and inspired the crowd to erupt with a wave of cheers.

Lady Antebellum also took the opportunity to sing their beloved track "Need You Now" with Cam, which almost instantly turned into a massive singalong. It was a moment that all four of the artists will likely never forget, as fans could see from the huge smiles on their faces as they exited the stage.

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See Lady Antebellum Join Cam for 'Burning House' at CMA Fest