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Ree Drummond’s Husband Was Trampled by a Cow But “Is Okay”

The Pioneer Woman fans have always loved hearing about the adventures of ranch life, especially when narrated by an ex-city girl. However, as rustic and beautiful as life on the ranch can be, it's also full of mishaps that the average person never experiences. The most recent misadventure on the Pioneer Woman's ranch was Ladd Drummond's run-in with a cow, and his reaction couldn't have been more nonchalant.

On June 17th, Ree Drummond shared a video of her husband Ladd as he played with the family dogs after a long day on the ranch. Drummond starts off by asking, "How was your day, dear?"


Ladd answered, "It was good." Drummond then shifted the camera to his back, showing a long red scratch on his back and a ripped shirt, asking her husband, "Sure about that? What happened back here?"

The Drummond cowboy then answered casually, "A cow ran over me, knocked me down," to which Ree laughingly asked "Are you okay?" Ladd continued playing with the dogs and replied, "It was like a turtle on my back. My back doesn't hurt, but she stepped on my leg, it hurts."

In an equally concerned and amused voice, Ree responded, "You need some neosporin on your back, sir."

Ree's instagram post is hilariously captioned with "Ladd gave the cow two choices: Turn around and join the other cows, or run him over. She chose the latter. (You should see his leg...) Moo!" 

Her followers seem just as amused by the sequence of events. One comment says "Gurrrrrl. This is me and my rancher husband. Nothing is ever a big deal and I'm like "WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO DIE!!!"", while another says "If you look up the word "Ladd" in the dictionary, it says one badass cowboy!"

Ladd Drummond's Previous Ranch Mishaps

This isn't the first time that the Drummond family has experienced a ranch misadventure. Last March, Ladd Drummond fractured his neck in two places after he and his nephew Caleb crashed into each other's fire trucks while responding to a fire on the ranch.

As if this wasn't enough, Ladd was then kicked in the head by a cow the following month. Although the Drummond cowboy seems to be okay after his most recent ranch injury, we can only hope that he'll steer clear of the cows as he heals up.

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