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Song Premiere: Lacey Williams Honors a Small Town Hairstylist on 'Cut N' Curl'


Any small town resident knows the best conversations usually happen at the beauty shop. On "Cut N' Curl," Utah-based singer-songwriter Lacey Williams sings an ode to one "genuine, bona fide know-it-all" who always has all the hottest neighborhood gossip.

"She'll fill you in on the dirt while you shampoo and set/ You'll hear it all as she's rollin' up your permanent," Williams sings on the witty classic country number.

Beyond the free entertainment and expertly teased hair, hair salons have provided a gathering place for communities for decades. In fact, Williams says "Cut N' Curl" was inspired by a small town hairdresser who her grandma visited for 30 years.

"My grandma, who lived in a tiny town in Wayne County, Utah, went to the same hairdresser weekly for 30 years," Williams tells Wide Open Country. "DeeRay, her hair stylist, knew everything about my grandma's life as well as the rest of the county. If we were ever curious about the latest news or gossip, we'd ask DeeRay, and she never failed us. It wasn't until my grandma moved into an assisted living center that we all realized how much DeeRay was a beautiful part of all our lives. She was absolutely the inspiration behind this song. Most of the recording was done during the COVID-19 quarantine. All of the musicians recorded their parts separately and sent them in for us to mix and produce. This record was a bright spot during a trying period. It was a fun song to write, record, and sing...and is always a crowd favorite. Of course, my grandma loves it as well."


Listen to "Cut N' Curl" below.

Williams previously recorded multiple albums with her husband as part of their duo Drew & Lacey. She's the founder of Maybelle Series, a concert series that features female singer-songwriters and aims to mentor young writers.

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