Toby Keith's Daughter, Krystal Keith, to Release New EP

It's been over four years since the December 2013 release of Krystal Keith's debut album Whiskey & Lace, featuring the charting single "Daddy Dance With Me." The famous daughter had quite the eventful life since, giving birth to her first child in 2015 and recovering since last summer from a July 4 car accident involving a drunk driver. Expect time and life experiences to fuel even more clarity and musical maturity on forthcoming five-song EP. Boulder, out July 13.

The release includes "Anyone Else," a duet with Show Dog label mate Lance Carpenter. That pairing continues country music's proud tradition of male-female duets. Better yet, it's a throwback love song that's not far removed from the early output of Krystal's dad, Toby Keith. Carpenter, the writer behind Kelsea Ballerini's breakthrough "Love Me Like You Mean It," brings his own promising talents to a strong lead single. Neither artist co-wrote "Anyone Else," although Carpenter had a hand in writing two songs on the EP.

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Additional new cuts include the title track, "Then It Started Raining," "I Got You" and the cleverly titled "Resting Beach Face."

Longtime Keith family friend and musical accomplice Bobby Penson produced the E.P., providing Krystal with an experienced sounding board for current creative vision.

"I've known Bobby for years," Krystal says in a press release. "He's been at almost every one of my studio sessions just as a family friend offering help and suggestions. He is so talented, has such a passion for creating music and has a great ear for perfecting a track and bringing it to that next level. I came in with notes, advocated for changes, added in bigger runs and gave thoughts on things that might need tweaks. Bobby and I agreed on the majority of those changes. It really was a great collaboration."

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Toby Keith's Daughter, Krystal Keith, to Release New EP