Country Singer Krystal Keith Expecting Her Second Child

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Krystal Keith, singer-songwriter and daughter of country music legend Toby Keith, posted exciting news to Instagram on Tuesday with the help of her daughter, 3-year-old Hensley. With a smile on her face, Hensley lets viewers know that "Mommy has a baby in her belly!" She follows it up with the exclamation, "Hey, guys, I'm gonna be a big sister!"

The baby-on-the-way will be the second child for Krystal and her husband Andrew Sandubrae, who she married in 2010. Of course, this is also incredibly exciting news for Krystal's dad Toby Keith and mom Tricia. Krystal is the eldest of the pair's children. Keith also adopted Tricia's daughter from a previous relationship, Shelly, who has two children. The new baby will be the couple's fourth grandchild.

Krystal told PopCulture that Toby and Tricia (also known as Pop-Pop and Gigi) get to spend a lot of time with Hensley. "They see her every day and we're a mile from the golf course, which my parents basically live at when they're in town," she said. "He takes her out in the golf cart and shows her off to all his buddies and then mom takes her to her girlfriends. She's spoiled rotten."

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Revealing her pregnancy might seem like plenty of excitement for the month or even the year, but Krystal Keith also recently released her latest EP, Boulder, featuring the single "Anyone Else" (with Lance Carpenter). Boulder is the follow-up to Keith's 2013 full-length record, Whiskey & Lace, from Show Dog-Universal Music. The album reached No. 12 on Billboard's U.S. Heat chart.

The bundle of fantastic July 2018 news starkly contrasts from the event Keith and her family endured in July 2017 when they were hit by a drunk driver. "Hensley, Drew and I were on the way to watch fireworks on the 4th. A drunk driver almost took the lives of my entire family," she wrote on Facebook after the incident. "We all survived the wreck but it's gonna take some time to heal. Keep us in your prayers. Hug your babies and spouses tight." The family is still bouncing back from the ordeal but keeping their heads high.

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Country Singer Krystal Keith Expecting Her Second Child