Krystal Keith

Premiere: Krystal Keith and Lance Carpenter's 'Anyone Else'

Duets are a storied part of country music, and new song "Anyone Else" from Krystal Keith and Lance Carpenter is a textbook example of the power of two voices blending on one song. It also represents an important milestone for the talented singers.

If you don't know Lance Carpenter's name, you've probably at least heard of one of his songs; Carpenter co-wrote Kelsea Ballerini's debut No. 1 single, "Love Me Like You Mean It." But "Anyone Else" feels a bit closer to 90s era Toby Keith than modern progressive country.

Part of that might be because Carpenter's voice has a certain resemblance to Keith's (maybe mixed with a bit of Blake Shelton). And part of that might be because his duet partner Krystal is Toby's daughter.

On "Anyone Else," the pair duet about one-of-a-kind love. The kind that drives you to do the kinds of things you wouldn't do for, well, anyone else. The pair's earthy voices meld together beautifully.

While both Keith and Carpenter are talented writers, they actually didn't write "Anybody Else." That honor belongs to Kelly Archer, Greg Bates and Emily Shackleton. When Carpenter heard the song, he loved it.

"I've loved this song a long time," Carpenter tells Wide Open Country. "And after I recorded it I wasn't sure what female would make a good duet partner for it. Then I heard Krystal's voice and thought we might compliment each other pretty well. She laid down the vocal on it, I loved it, and so did everyone else around us. We just knew it was something we had to put out there and I'm glad we finally get to share it."

Carpenter released several singles and EPs independently. Then, not long ago, he inked an artist deal with Toby Keith's record label Show Dog Nashville. That makes him and Krystal more than just duet partners. Now they're label mates.

"I met Lance in a co-write a couple years ago, and we quickly became friends," Keith says. "Fast-forward about a year later, and he's now my label mate and duet partner! I'm finishing up a new solo EP for release next Spring, but this duet really felt right, and we both wanted to get this out there as soon as we could."

New fans can also expect a video for the single coming soon.

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