Video Premiere: Kristina Murray Celebrates Life's Small Pleasures on 'The Great Unknown'

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Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kristina Murray wrote "The Great Unknown" months before quarantine, but the song ended up being oddly prescient. At a time when we're all trying to find joy in mundane, everyday life (often spent inside our homes), Murray reminds us how magical it is to enjoy a peaceful Sunday morning inside with Keith Whitley on the record player.

"Sunday morning sun shining through/ Begging me to take the day in slow/ A cup of coffee and my baby's arms/ a little Keith and a little smoke," Murray sings.

Murray, who co-wrote the song with Leo Rondeau, says "The Great Unknown" is all about what makes life worth living.

"I've been a fan and friend of Leo Rondeau's for a couple years now; his 2019 album Right On Time was one of my top five favorite records last year, so I was eager to get to write with him. Leo's got an easygoing, conversational writing and singing style that is honest and real and fairly different from my own; penning 'The Great Unknown' was our first time writing together," Murray tells Wide Open Country. "We wrote this back in January and, obviously, had no idea how just relevant and applicable it would be to the current and insane historical time we're living in--a 'postcard from the future,' as Rosanne Cash would say! I got a few of my favorite musicians together a couple weeks later on Super Bowl Sunday to jam it out and perhaps record it, and I really love the mellow and breezy way it turned out. The song is pretty self-explanatory--learning to appreciate and embrace simple pleasures that make life worth living: warm sunshine, embracing your lover, the incomparable music of Keith Whitley, and the existential truth of our short beautiful time on this little blue box of rain."

Watch the video for "The Great Unknown" below.

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Video Premiere: Kristina Murray Celebrates Life's Small Pleasures on 'The Great Unknown'