Song Premiere: Kristina Murray Tells Hard Truths on Tenacious New Single 'Slow Kill'

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On her upcoming album Southern Ambrosia (out on Sept. 21), Kristina Murray explores some of the many facets of growing up southern. That includes fond memories of growing up among the red Georgia clay along with unwavering observations of struggle brought on by poverty and addiction.

"Slow Kill," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, is a raw examination of an unfortunate reality for many in the southeast, tackling the opioid epidemic, unethical politicians, poverty and depression.

Murray says she wrote the song while observing the current cultural climate and seeing the impact that decisions made at the state and national level have on the everyday lives of American citizens.

"I wrote it about three months after Trump was inaugurated and right about when the "Save A Life! Carry Naloxone!" billboards started showing up on the sides of rural highways in the southeast. Growing up southern has a Christian bent that leans heavily on prayer to fix problems, but we've seen that thoughts and prayers do nothing tangible, that trickle-down economics has never worked for poor people, that fentanyl and booze can numb the physical and emotional pain of those struggling to scrape by. These truths mixed together make up a nihilistic view of life as being a thing that kills slowly and unfairly, which is a reality for a many, many people," Murray tells Wide Open Country. "Like a cancer, these issues touch everybody in some way. While this isn't directly about me per se, this person is a little bit me, and you, and my neighbor, and your cousin, and his brother, and my friend's uncle, so it goes. I liked the idea of having an up-tempo, upbeat sounding song with such loaded subject matter. That juxtaposition makes the song fun to play, even though the lyrical tone seems defeatist. "

Listen to "Slow Kill" below.

Southern Ambrosia is the follow-up to Murray's 2013 album Unravelin.' She released the album's first single, the rollicking "Lovers and Liars," in July.

Kristina Murray will play the 5 Spot in Nashville on Sept. 11 as well as several dates during Nashville's AmericanaFest. For a full list of tour dates, visit here.

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Song Premiere: Kristina Murray Tells Hard Truths on Tenacious New Single 'Slow Kill'