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The Best Kristin Hannah Books To Read If You Love 'Firefly Lane'


There's no denying the spell that fictional friends Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey have over anyone who's witnessed their lifelong friendship. Whether you've read the book, watched the series, or both, Firefly Lane is a story that sticks with you.

This novel isn't the first best-seller to come out of author Kristin Hannah. The Pacific Northwest-based attorney-turned-writer has been crafting poignant, heart-tugging novels for decades, many of which are inspired by women who courageously forge their own paths. She says writing about themes of resilience and female friendships is her "version of therapy."

"Creating characters is a beautiful, messy, chaotic, magical process for me," she said in an interview with The Novelry. "When I finish my research and begin a novel, I have a very firm grasp of who I think my main characters are and what I expect their story to be, but we know what they say about best-laid plans. Mine, at least, often go askew."

If you're looking for another dose of Hannah's heartwarming prose, then we've got your back. Here are five of her other books that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love with fictional characters and their stories all over again.


Fly Away


If you ever wondered what happened to Hart and Mularkey after the end of Firefly Lane, then you need to read this stunning sequel to the original. Without giving too much away for those who don't know how Firefly Lane concludes, Fly Away follows Hart as she attempts to rebuild everything she's lost since the events of the first book.

When tragedy brings together her, her mother, Dorothy Hart, and Mularkey's teenage daughter, Marah Ryan, the three women must learn how to lean on each other and find the strength to move forward. It's a story of resilience, loss and friendship that will -- inevitably -- bring readers to tears more than once.

Grab your copy of Fly Away here.

Magic Hour


Did Firefly Lane leave you wanting to explore -- and perhaps escape to -- the Pacific Northwest? Then you'll love being pulled back into a story set in a small town surrounded by the dense forests of Olympic National Park.


Similar to the scandal that Hart had to navigate, Magic Hour follows the tale of Dr. Julia Cates, a once-prominent child psychiatrist whose competence and ability are questioned after a media controversy. When her estranged sister calls her in a panic to come home and work with a disturbed 6-year-old child who's mysteriously emerged from the woods, Dr. Cates jumps at the chance to prove her worth and help this young girl she calls Alice.

Grab your copy of Magic Hour here.

The Things We Do For Love


Part of the magic of Firefly Lane is that a chance encounter between two teenage girls ends up altering the course of both their lives forever. The same can be said for the characters in Hannah's The Things We Do For Love, who find what they've been missing in each other's arms.

When Angela DeSaria Malone reluctantly moves back home after her divorce, she meets a young girl named Lauren Ribido, whose alcoholic mother is rarely present. Malone, who had accepted that motherhood wasn't in the cards for her, forms a fast bond with Ribido, and the two become inseparable. But it isn't long before the relationship between them is tested in a way that mothers and daughters rarely experience.


Grab your copy of The Things We Do For Love here.

Between Sisters


There are two major similarities between Firefly Lane and Between Sisters: Both are set in the Pacific Northwest, and they explore the unique bond of sisterhood. I know Hart and Mularkey are not technically sisters, but the bond between them still reads like one.

Between Sisters follows estranged sisters Claire and Meghann, who had stopped speaking 27 years ago after Meghann made a life-altering decision that cost her sister's trust. When Claire falls in love and gets married, the two must finally reunite and see if they can reconcile the past and become a family again.

Grab your copy of Between Sisters here.


Summer Island


If you loved getting a behind-the-scenes look at a career in broadcast journalism, then you'll definitely want to explore Summer Island. Like Hart, this book's protagonist is famous in the industry, except Nora Bridge is a radio host and advice columnist for her local newspaper.

When a scandalous secret from her past threatens to upend her carefully crafted career, Nora retreats with her daughter, Ruby, to Summer Island in the San Juans, where she reluctantly takes over care for a mother she hasn't spoken to in decades. During their stay, Ruby begins to write an exposé on her family, which forces them all to confront long-buried secrets from the past -- and what it means to be human.

Grab your copy of Summer Island here.



If you're looking for a story that explores relationships between mothers and daughters, sisters or lifelong friends, the books above are all sure to satisfy your Firefly Lane cravings -- or at least hold you over until the final installment of the series comes out on April 27 on Netflix.

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