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Kristian Bush’s Upbeat New Album a Result of Private Pain

The Sugarland guitarist calls his new songs “sunshine into a cave.”

Kristian Bush had a pretty harrowing year in 2011. He survived the deadly stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, his marriage fell apart and his band went on an extended hiatus. He couldn’t really discuss these events in public until recently, so he poured it all into his new album, Southern Gravity.

Bush was not allowed to speak publicly about the stage collapse until a settlement was reached with victim’s families and survivors. He had also vowed not to discuss his divorce, which happened less than three months after the State Fair, to protect his two children. Since he couldn’t talk about these things, he wrote about them.

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Three hundred songs to be exact. After he and bandmate, Jennifer Nettles, decided to put Sugarland on hiatus, he wrote and recorded songs in studios in Georgia and Nashville. He then posted them online to get feedback from fans. He wanted only the best tracks to appear on his solo debut.

“One of the reasons why I thought it was important to talk about this story for the first time, was so that people understand what this album is,” said Bush. “It’s one thing to listen to it and hear it as sunshine. It’s another thing to listen to it and hear it as sunshine into a cave. It’s been dark in there for a long time.”

He released Southern Gravity on April 7 to glowing reviews, and he is touring the U.S. through the summer and early fall.

Southern Gravity tracklist:

  1. “Make Another Memory” (Kristian Bush/Jeff Cohen/Rodney Clawson)
  2. “Light Me Up” (Kristian Bush/Jesse Rice)
  3. ‘Trailer Hitch” (Kristian Bush/Brandon Bush/Tim Owens)
  4. “Southern Gravity” (Kristian Bush/Scooter Carusoe)
  5. “Flip Flops” (Kristian Bush/Jeff Cohen/Paul Overstreet)
  6. “Giving It Up” (Kristian Bush/Jeff Cohen/Tom Douglas)
  7. “Feeling Fine California” (Kristian Bush/Jeff Cohen/Paul Overstreet)
  8. “Waiting On an Angel” (Kristian Bush/Jeff Cohen/Bob DiPiero)
  9. “Walk Tall” (Kristian Bush/Jeff Cohen/Nathaniel “Bo” Rinehart/William “Bear” Rinehart)
  10. “Sending You a Sunset” (Kristian Bush/Tim Owens)
  11. “Sweet Love” (Kristian Bush/Sherrie Austin/Phil Barton/Jeff Cohen)
  12. “House on a Beach” (Kristian Bush/Canaan Smith)
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