Krispy Kreme Is Giving Out Free Dolly Parton Doughnuts But There's A Catch
Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Krispy Kreme Is Giving Out Free Dolly Parton Doughnuts - But There's A Catch

This Saturday, May 18, 2024, you can participate in a sweet celebration of the one and only Dolly Parton! Krispy Kreme is indeed giving out free doughnuts... for a price. That price? Plucked straight from the Krispy Kreme website itself: "We're inviting guests to get All Dolly'd Up for a FREE Original Glazed doughnut."

What does that mean, I hear you asking? Well, Krispy Kreme has you covered on that front, too! "Anyone who comes to our shops 'All Dolly'd Up' — from being decked out in Dolly merch to singing their favorite Dolly song — will receive a free Original Glazed doughnut. Show us your love for Dolly!"

In layman's terms, you must either dress to the nines like Parton, or belt out a part of your favorite song from the Grammy winner's discography (and, no, you don't get two doughnuts for doing both)! The Queen herself even chimed in to let fans know about the limited-time event!

Krispy Kreme Honors Dolly Parton's Legacy With A Fun 'Free Doughnuts' Event

I need to emphasize: you are not getting any of the above delicious doughnuts for free. You gotta pay for the "special" ones. If you're asocial like me, you can buy the unique flavors online! Easy as pie! ...Or doughnuts!

The rudest thing about the promotion is that it looks like you'll be getting one of the fun doughnuts for free — darn those marketing tricksters at Krispy Kreme. But I spared you the pain of going up to a Krispy Kreme, singing your heart out, and only getting a Plain Jane Deluxe. Life can be cruel in that way, friends.

To clear up potential confusion, you can order the doughnuts now, and they'll be available to pick up or order online until June 16, 2024!

I wish you could (harmlessly) boo people online. Leave, you spoilsport! These tasty treats don't concern you! Let us have this.

Looks good, eh? I bet your wallet is sweating in the other room (or in your pocket/purse) and doesn't know why yet. Do it. This can be your cheat day. I won't judge you, I promise! Go on. Purchase. Consume. Enjoy. For Dolly.