Watch Kris Kristofferson and Margo Price Sing 'Me and Bobby McGee'

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Music festivals are the perfect place for surprise collaborations, and this year's Newport Folk Fest was no exception. The occasion brought together legendary artist Kris Kristofferson and rising star Margo Price for a mind-blowing collaboration.

Price surprised concertgoers by joining Kristofferson for a rendition of his classic track, "Me and Bobby McGee."

Back in 1969, Johnny Cash persuaded the festival's founder to add the rising songwriter to the lineup. That decision helped to change Kristofferson's like, and helped begin his long and illustrious career.

Forty-seven years later, Kristofferson still sounds as good as ever. Price channels the emotion and style of Emmylou Harris in her spot as backing vocalist, creating a truly show-stopping duet.

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Kristofferson just celebrated his 80th birthday, although it's hard to tell from his spirited performance. In many ways, the performance seemed like a full-circle moment for the country legend. Instead of trying to impress audiences with his latest cuts, he's now able to help show off the genre's latest talents to the masses.

All in all, it was one of those special impromptu sessions that marks a new height in achievement for both Kristofferson and Price.

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Watch Kris Kristofferson and Margo Price Sing 'Me and Bobby McGee'