Koe Wetzel Invites Guests to Free Show Only to Cancel at the Last Minute
Screenshot via YouTube

Koe Wetzel Invites Guests to Free Show Only to Cancel at the Last Minute

Koe Wetzel planned to put on a free show for Texans at a local bar. However, things didn't go according to plan. Shortly after announcing the show, Wetzel said that the concert was canceled.

On X, he wrote, "I'm playing an acoustic set at Sam's Town Point in Austin, Texas, tonight at 10 pm, ask for Ramsay and you get in for free!"

He followed up the announcement by saying bar operators kicked him out. He wrote, "Shows canceled, they kicked me out." The news brought a lot of mixed reactions from fans. Mostly, fans were disappointed as they were excited for the chance to see Wetzel perform. Sadly, that wouldn't be the case.

One person wrote, "WTF." Another commented, "This is the most Koe Wetzel thing I have ever seen." Still another wrote, "Why would they kick you out? You about to sell a lot of alcohol for them. It's a proven fact that the alcohol sales go up just having you on the juke box."

Koe Wetzel Canceled the Show and Reportedly Didn't Want to Perform

However, it turns out that things may not have went exactly the way that Wetzel described. One of the bar representatives told Whiskey Riff that Wetzel was at the bar doing a photo shoot. Wetzel didn't have any intention of appearing on stage.

They told the outlet, "I asked again if he wanted to play the club because I think it would be great. His fans would love it there, and we'd all get a kick out of it."

The bar representative said they went back and forth with Wetzel about performing. Wetzel said he didn't know if he had the courage to get up on stage. He later decided that he wasn't going to perform. Afterwards, Wetzel and his team packed up their equipment and left the establishment.

The bar was surprised to see Wetzel tweet about performing when that wasn't the case. It appears to be a bit of humor on the singer's part if the bar is telling the truth. They said, "Then he Tweeted some stuff and his fans started showing up asking for me so they could get it for free. It made for a fun night."

However, a bartender said, "It turned out to be a fun night!" But, fans of Wetzel probably still couldn't help but be disappointed by the news that Wetzel wasn't performing.