The Real Reason Why We Kiss Under Mistletoe Might Surprise You

Every Christmas season, it’s almost inevitable to find yourself standing beneath some mistletoe. It can be a dangerous gamble to hang out too close to certain folks with mistletoe around.

Mistletoe is probably one of the more peculiar Christmas traditions that people follow without knowing its true meaning. Who thought it would be a good idea to kiss underneath a plant? Wouldn’t people rather kiss beneath something a little romantic? Like roses, lilies, or even poinsettias (it is Christmas, after all).

So when exactly did mistletoe come to be such an important part of our Christmas festivities? As it turns out, mistletoe has been around for a little longer than you may have guessed. Not for just decades, but for centuries. You can find out the full history of mistletoe and its yuletide tradition below.

So that’s the story behind mistletoe – Ancient Greece and Norse Gods thought it had mystical powers. So maybe next time you find yourself trapped beneath an unwanted mistletoe companion, you can give them a little history lesson.

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At least that way you’ll be able to distract them while someone else knocks the mistletoe down from where it hangs. Or you can always just wait for someone more to your mistletoe liking to come along…

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The Real Reason Why We Kiss Under Mistletoe Might Surprise You