Kip Moore Hilariously ‘Calls’ Out Fan Texting at His Show

Major props, Kip Moore. The “Hey Pretty Girl” singer was on a tour stop when he got tired of a fan in the front constantly texting during his set. So, Moore did the obvious thing, and borrowed her phone so he could call the person on the other side and see what was so important.

“Hey Fiona, I’m trying to do a damn show right now and you’re texting your friend talking about some bullshit,” says Moore. “It ain’t nothing that can’t wait, talking about what you’re going to wear somewhere, and I don’t give a shit what y’all are gonna wear.”

Moore then asks for just 30 more minutes of no texting so he can finish up his set.

The whole exchange is done with a wink and a grin, but you can tell Moore isn’t really joking. And good for him in making a point while also probably making a few people’s night.

Artists have begun voicing their frustrations with fans constantly on their phones at the show, especially those who try hard to get near the front and then spend the whole time texting or filming. It’s distracting to constantly be texting, not just for the performers, but for people all around you.

More and more artists are calling out fans, from Moore to Adele, who recently told a fan to stop filming during her show because she should enjoy the moment in real life. It’s a fine line for artists to walk between being sincere and down to earth and coming across as whiny. But the truth is, the more people realize it distracts from the show — a lot like a movie theater — the more they’ll either wait to text or step outside to take care of it.

In related news, a tech company is working to solve the problem with special sleeves that lock fans phones away during events.

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Kip Moore Hilariously ‘Calls’ Out Fan Texting at His Show