Kip Moore Announces New Album, ‘Wild Ones’

Kip Moore has released the details of his upcoming second studio album, Wild Ones.

Since his debut album, Up All Night, was released in 2012, Moore has maintained an intense touring schedule that has earned him praise as one of country’s best new live performers. His newest effort tells the stories behind his chaotic life as a touring artist over the past three years.

Wild Ones really encompasses everything I’ve been through out on the road since the first album, it embodies us as a band every night out on stage, it alludes to the traveling circus it sometimes feels like we are a part of,” Moore said in a press release. “I’m so glad that I’m able to finally let the fans know when to expect what we’ve been working on so passionately for the past couple years, to let them know the wait is nearly over.”

Wild Ones will be released on August 21, and is available for pre-order through his official website. The album’s tracklisting is as follows:

1. “Wild Ones”
2. “Come and Get It”
3. “Girl of Summer”
4. “Magic”
5. “That Was Us”
6. “Lipstick”
7. “What Ya Got on Tonight”
8. “Heart’s Desire”
9. “Complicated”
10. “I’m to Blame
11. “That’s Alright With Me”
12. “Running for You”
13. “Comeback Kid”

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Kip Moore Announces New Album, ‘Wild Ones’