King's Highway is One of the Oldest Roads in America

One of the best road trips on the East Coast is along the King's Highway. Originally a 1,300 mile route, the road was initially constructed from 1650-1735 by order of King Charles II. The king wanted to connect all of the American colonies along the coast from Charleston, South Carolina to Boston, Massachusetts.

The section of the road north of New York City became the Upper Boston Post Road. The road became a series of mail delivery routes between NYC and Boston that followed old Native American trails. They would one day become some of the earliest highways in the country. The beginnings of Kings Highway followed the Pequot Path. Over time, the path was maintained to allow stagecoaches to travel through and not just mail carriers on horses.  

U.S. Highway 17 follows parts of the old highway closely. Here are some of the highlights you can visit on your road trip along this historic route.

1. Charleston, S.C.

One of the most historic places in the United States had to make a spot on this list. Not only is Charleston one of the most colorful places you could visit, but it also has incredible food and beautiful coastal views. 

2. Philadelphia, Pa.

Philly is the perfect place to brush up on your U.S. history. It's the home of the Liberty Bell and many notable places during the Revolutionary War, namely the First Continental Congress. 

3. Wilmington, N.C.

This sleepy town along the Cape Fear River is a big tourist draw in for a reason. There are many beaches in the area, and it's also the film location for various tv shows and films like One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, and Iron Man 3

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4. Princeton, N.J.

The name pretty much says it all. Why not stop by this picturesque university town and take in the incredible campus. 

5. Boston, Mass.

Don't stop with Princeton. Boston is also home to one of the most historic universities in the country, Harvard. Just walking through the historic buildings on campus is a treat. Boston is another hub of American history, as well as classic sports teams like the Boston Red Sox

6. Fredericksburg, Va.

Just south of Washington D.C. is Fredericksburg. The historic downtown is incredibly picturesque, as is its local college, The University of Mary Washington. 

7. Annapolis, Md.

Home to the U.S. Naval Academy, this beautiful town has lovely coastal views and delicious seafood.

8. Myrtle Beach, S.C.

These beautiful beaches are a perfect family-friendly activity for your road trip. Myrtle Beach is also the Unofficial Miniature Golf Capital of the World if you're into that!

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King's Highway is One of the Oldest Roads in America