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'King of the Hill' May Be Getting a Reboot

Some adult cartoons get a bad rep, but there was always something special about the Fox animated sitcom, King of the Hill. The clever writing, sweet characters, and relatable stories set in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas have endeared it to audiences since it ended in 2010 after 13 seasons. Creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels really made something unique by focusing on the humor in the mundane details of everyday life which is probably why it's still popular over a decade later. Apparently, Bobby and Hank Hill might be on their way back to TV in the latest of many rumored reboots. Sounds like it's time to binge all 13 seasons of the beloved animated series on Hulu!

Writer Brent Forrester really got the rumor mill going when he shared some exciting news about the possible reboot on a Reddit AMA.

"I am sure Greg Daniels and Mike Judge will murder me for sharing this but... HELL YES. They are in hot negotiations to bring back King of the Hill. The Trump administration made it suddenly very relevant again. The characters have all aged 15 years. The project is sooooo good. Okay, I've said too much."

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Creator Mike Judge was the voice of the show's patriarch Hank Hill as well as his friend Boomhauer (the guy you totally can't understand) with an incredible supporting cast — Kathy Najimy (Hank's wife Peggy Hill), Pamela Adlon (Hank and Peggy's son Bobby Hill), Brittany Murphy (Hank's niece Luanne), Johnny Hardwick (neighbor Dale Gribble), Stephen Root (neighbor Bill Dauterive) and many more. While the majority of the original cast would be able to come back for the revival, what would a reboot mean for some of the fan-favorite characters voiced by actors no longer with us? It's hard to imagine Luanne voiced by anyone other than the late Brittany Murphy and Tom Petty was perfect for her husband Lucky. Would Judge and Daniels write them out completely or replace them?

It's also interesting to think about the concept of all of the characters 15 years in the future. We're so used to seeing Hank and Peggy parenting Bobby while he's in school...what would he be like as an adult? Is he married and living down Rainey Street? Does he have his own children? So many questions but only time will tell if the reboot actually gets greenlit.

This apparently isn't the only reboot in the works for the creators. Judge has 2-seasons of Beavis and Butt-Head in the works at Comedy Central and Daniels is busy working on the second season of Netflix's Space Force. Hopefully, if the reboot does happen they'll be able to be as actively involved as they were with the original.




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