Kinder Eggs Will Be Sold Stateside—Here's Where to Find Them

If you've traveled to Europe or have friends who've visited, then you probably are familiar with the Kinder Chocolate brand. There is no chocolate like Kinder in the U.S., nothing is quite so smooth and creamy as breaking into a sweet Kinder Bueno. There is one Kinder treat that wasn't found in the U.S., no matter how many specialty candy shops you went in and that was the Kinder Egg. There are two versions of the Kinder Egg: the Kinder Surprise that is hollowed-out milk chocolate with a toy inside; and the Kinder Joy that is similarly egg-shaped. Now, you can finally find the Kinder Joy in the United States this holiday season.

The Kinder Joy is divided into two halves of different chocolate: milk chocolate and white chocolate. It comes with an included spoon so you can snack immediately, and inside the sweet ganache on the inside are two round chocolate-covered wafers. The hazelnut cream that you find in the beloved Kinder Bueno is inside one half and in the other is a small toy. As Food & Wine reported, Ferrero U.S.A announced that you can find the food/toy combo in stores stateside.

The Kinder Egg toy is always a surprise, but Ferrero works hard to ensure that the toys included in both the Kinder Surprise and the Kinder Joy are easy to assemble by children and their parents, and that they are meant to encourage creativity.

As Paul Chibe, CEO of Ferrero North America said in a press release:

"When you're a kid, every surprise counts, especially the little ones. Kinder Joy is a fun, new way to help parents bring little surprises to their kids anytime they want.

The delicious, unique taste of Kinder Joy and the wide variety of toys will delight kids, while mom and dad will be surprised by the high quality of the confection and toys - it's unlike anything currently on the U.S. market."

Finally the United States can join the 169 other countries carrying the Kinder Joy. You can find the first release on Black Friday in Walmart, where one egg will sell for $1.34.

It will remain in Walmart exclusively for 30 days, at which point other retailers will begin to carry them.

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