Kids Try BBQ from 10 States and Their Reactions Are Priceless

If you've ever traveled around the southern United States and stopped for a bite of BBQ, you know that every state does it different. In Texas we have the hill country brisket and hot gut while the people South Carolina can't get enough of their pulled pork and barbecue hash. Alabama goes crazy for white sauce and Oklahoma prides itself on its smoked bologna sandwich.

So who better to try out all of this barbecue than kids? Yes, Bon Appétit has done it again, pitting kids vs. regional BBQ in their newest Youtube video.

These kids don't sugar coat anything while tasting burnt ends from Tennessee, hush puppies from North Carolina, St. Louis style ribs from Missouri, and even a bit of brunswick stew from Virginia. The "ewws" and "yums" fly as kids try food they've never had before. And it is so entertaining.

Starting out in Texas, the kids are served a heaping plate of hill country brisket and hot gut sausage with a side of pickles, onions and white bread. The first bite is deemed too spicy for the little girl prompting her to place the smallest piece imaginable on a piece of white bread.

Moving on to North Carolina, one older girl shares that her mother grew up in North Carolina, making her an expert on the cuisine. She points out the flavors of the tomato based sauce and then correctly identifies what a hush puppy is while sipping on sweet tea.

However, the show stealer has to go to the girl who tried Memphis style BBQ. After taking a large bite she confides that whenever her family makes ribs they always have to have the pizza place on speed dial just in case.

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