This Kid’s Ability to Hear Any Note Will Blow Your Mind

Screengrab via YouTube

Being able to recognize piano notes by sound alone comes naturally for 8-year-old Dylan. He not only names the notes he hears, but he can sing them perfectly as well. But Dylan’s talent doesn’t stop there. Amazingly, he also has the ability to recognize chords and polychords, and name each note in them.

Even though his teacher is constantly coming up with more difficult chords for him, Dylan cannot be stumped. This is a talent you truly have to see for yourself.

This talent is one very few others would be able to match. Naturally, to develop a talent this superb, Dylan started out with music training when he was just a baby. Through a program called High Information Music Immersion, he was able to develop his talent for music and for the advanced concepts of harmony and melody.

Along with naming off notes on the piano, Dylan loves playing the piano himself as well as many of the other instruments you can find lying around his house. The drums and the guitar are a couple of his favorite instruments, besides the piano.

If you’ve never tried to recognize notes by ear, give it a try. Even though Dylan makes it look easy, it’s much harder than you might think.

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This Kid’s Ability to Hear Any Note Will Blow Your Mind