Kid Rock Says He's Got the 'Greatest Show on Earth,' But This Circus Disagrees

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Kid Rock has been hit with a lawsuit from a major circus country because of a rather recognizable slogan.

The controversial rocker has nicknamed his national tour "Greatest Show on Earth," which also happens to be the longtime tagline for Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus. According to Reuters, Rock and Live Nation were served with a suit from Feld Entertainment, the production company behind the circus show.

"We have authorized licensees for Ringling Bros. and The Greatest Show On Earth, but Kid Rock is not one of them," Feld general counsel Lisa Joiner said in a release.

The company also says that they contacted Kid Rock multiple times requesting him to stop using the slogan but those inquiries were ignored. So far, neither Rock nor Live Nation have publicly commented on the issue.

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The legal battle comes just weeks after Rock earned criticism for his fake political campaign for U.S. Senate. He later admitted the whole stunt was started to help promote his latest album.

Currently, Kid Rock's Greatest Show on Earth Tour is scheduled to kick off in January.

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Kid Rock Says He's Got the 'Greatest Show on Earth,' But This Circus Disagrees