Kickstart Your Day With This Tasty Breakfast Bread Bowl [VIDEO]


We’re told breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

But why is it so boring sometimes?

I usually want something quick and easy that’ll fill me up, but also a meal with abundant flavor. For those of us who want to step up our breakfast game and throw out those processed granola bars, the Breakfast Bread Bowl is here to save our stomachs.

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This super simple meal just takes a few minutes to prepare, which is perfect for on-the-goers.

First, throw all the featured ingredients, inside the makeshift bread bowl in a just a few seconds. Then, pop the whole thing in oven for 20 minutes and prepare for an incredible restaurant-quality breakfast that’ll give you energy and a lot of happiness.

Pair it with some fruit to balance out the carbs from the bread. You can customize the bread bowl by adding your favorite veggies, a variety of cheese or even cubed ham or sausage to mix things up. Whatever you decide to include, you’ll end up with a bowl full of hot and satisfying goodness.

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Kickstart Your Day With This Tasty Breakfast Bread Bowl [VIDEO]