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How to Make Delicious Apple Cider Turkey

This mouth-watering recipe for apple cider turkey will blow away everyone at your dinner table this holiday season.

Most of us stick to the traditional methods of cooking turkeys during our big holiday meals. This year is the perfect time to kick things up and try something a little bit different. This killer recipe from The BBQ Pit Boys puts a tasty seasonal twist on our favorite main course.

All you’ll need to create this flavorful brine is apple cider, some salt, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, oranges and a few simple seasonings. You’ll need to mix these over heat to create the glaze which will be coated on the inside and outside of the bird.

Just like any other turkey cooking method, this recipe takes a good chunk of time to complete. Thankfully, the prep work is surprisingly simple, so you can spend most of your time kicking back and relaxing while the turkey gets to cooking.

When you’re finished basting and coating with butter, simply remove it from heat and carve. Then, serve it up to your friends and family and bask in the shower of compliments you’re destined to receive.

Watch the video above for step-by-step instructions, and check out the full written recipe here.

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How to Make Delicious Apple Cider Turkey