KFC Makes Dreams Come True with Fried Chicken Scented Candles


This is not a drill. KFC fried chicken-scented candles are real. In fact, KFC in New Zealand gave away a handful of these gems a few days ago. Contests on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages gave fried-chicken lovers a chance to snatch one up for themselves.

The deliciously scented candle was a part of the company's "KFC Advent Calendar" giveaway series. They are giving away other special KFC items like prints, logo'd beanies and coffee mugs through the month of December.

KFC candles

The candle competition ended on Dec. 5. Three lucky winners were chosen and can now fill their home with the smell of joy whenever they please.

This wasn't the first time KFC gifted the world with fried chicken novelty gifts, though. Four months ago, they gave away "Extra Crispy" sunscreen. Not surprisingly, people were quick to snatch them up and the company gave away their 3,000 bottle supply in just two hours.

As of now, there are no plans for the KFC candles to be available in the Unites States. But maybe, if we beg hard enough, we'll get a Christmas miracle. Because who wouldn't want to have their house smell like the inside of a KFC every day?

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KFC Makes Dreams Come True with Fried Chicken Scented Candles