KFC Introduces New and Improved Crispy Chicken Sandwich Nationwide

Another day, another chicken sandwich. This time Kentucky Fried Chicken is donning its boxing gloves and stepping into the southern chicken sandwich match. According to Yum brands, the fast food chain is replacing its Crispy Colonel sandwich with a new and improved fried chicken sandwich. According to KFC, the new KFC chicken sandwich is "the best chicken sandwich" on the market.

KFC Launches New Chicken Sandwich Nationwide

Starting Thursday, January 7, 2021, KFC's entry into the chicken sandwich wars will begin to hit menus across the country. Locations in Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Louisville, Kentucky, Sacramento, California, and Tulsa, Oklahoma will be the first to try out the new menu item, with all locations nationwide serving the sandwich by the end of February. Around the same time, McDonald's is planning on launching their three chicken sandwiches.

"Many customers hadn't considered KFC as a part of the chicken sandwich conversation, but anyone who tastes this sandwich will know, without a doubt, that we're playing to win," said Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer of KFC U.S. The sandwich was tested in Orlando last year, doubling projected sales figures for the restaurant chain. It costs $3.99 or a combo meal with fries and a medium drink costs $6.99.

The sandwich features a quarter-pound chicken breast filet that's been double breaded, a toasted buttery brioche bun, pickles, and either mayo or spicy sauce. The sandwich has all the same elements as Popeye's and Chick-fil-A's chicken sandwiches. Except KFC boasts its extra crispy chicken filet sandwich will win it all.

Are you excited to try out this new chicken sandwich when it comes out in a few weeks? I personally want to try out all the fast food chicken sandwiches side-by-side to compare them. Keep an eye out on our social media for when I do!

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