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Kevin Fowler's Rustic Ranch in Texas is up for Grabs

Holy #?*! — Kevin Fowler's gorgeous Rustic Ranch is up for sale. The Wimberley, Texas plot features some one-of-a-kind properties curated and restored personally by Fowler.

The 131.5-acre property sits about 45 minutes south of Austin (but not far from the Salt Lick BBQ joint). In addition to some amazing wildlife, Rustic Ranch houses historic buildings from across the country.


"Music and old historic structures are my passions," Fowler says. "I just moved my fourteenth structure to the ranch. It's a silo we're converting into a guest house." Other buildings on the property include an 1800s log cabin and a 1900s farm house.

And of course a dance hall and saloon. It wouldn't be a Kevin Fowler joint without a dance hall and saloon. There's also 3,500 square feet of waterfront.

After acquiring all the properties, Fowler decided to open up the Rustic Ranch to events. Weddings, in particular, go over well. "We've had 20 weddings out here and a lot of charity events," he says. Fowler first purchased the land in 2012.



But according to realtor Dave Murray with DMTX, Fowler listed the property for sale because he's just never quite there enough. Kevin Fowler tours for about 150 shows a year, so it's easy to see how the time commitment could get overwhelming.

So how much will the ranch cost you? Just south of $5 million, according to the listing. And that's a steal, if you ask us. If you're interested in buying, check out the listing.

You can see more of the property in this video.

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